Foster Parent Articles

504 Accommodation Checklist
list of suggestions that can help parent & school personel assist students who do not qualify for special education.

Foundations Of Attachment - by Deborah Hage, MSW

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - Hypersensitivity & Self Protection- Children with hypersensitivity may have difficulty concentrating or interacting in their environment...this is a list of some common everyday elements.

Talking To Children About Tragedies - by Michele Borba, Ph.D

The Bend in the Road: A Path To Adoption Through Foster Care by Tina Vercelli - An adoptive mom shares her story of the adoption of 5 children via foster care.

More than "Just The Caregiver" by Tina Vercelli - A foster mom shares a day in court and gives excellent suggestions all foster parents should remember when dealing with other members of the professional team.

Common Myths About Eating Disorders - by Abigail Natenshon, psychotherapist and author of When Your child Has an Eating Disorder.

Early Interventions For ADHD Infants & Children . . . Or "How To Live With Human Hummingbirds" - by Kathy Toon - Tips and experiences by a foster and adoptive parent raising children with ADHD

A Patchwork Life - by Kathy Toon - a discussion about the rights of foster children to have access to their previous caregivers

A Strong Case for Adoption: Treatment-Resistant Families - by Joyce L. Goss

Situational, Emotional & Behavioral Warning Signs of Depression & Suicide - How Parents Can Reduce Risk

Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED) Fact Sheet

How Well Do You Know Your Child?

I Thought I Could Help A Child - by Cindy Mason, foster parent.

What To Do If Your Child Is Teased or Bullied -
by Dr. Michele Borba, internationally-recognized consultant in strengthening children's self-esteem, achievement, and motivation.

Hawaiian, Filipino, and Samoan Cultures - by Brenda Kalata, PA certified CASSP trainer in Cultural Competence

Raising the Children by Jennie Martin

Pictures of Pain by Jennie Martin

Sometimes Love is Not Enough but The Tie That Binds Remains - a must read article offered by a social worker from the Pathways organization.

Florida's Proposed Foster Parent Bill of Rights - a great example for other states to use.

Privatization of Foster Care - Florida State Foster Parent Association's position statement on foster care privatization.

Quinn's Story - by Kathy Toon, a heart warming story of the adoption and care of a handicapped adult. A must read!

Hints For Feeding Small Children - by Katherine Toon

Vacation Tips for Nontraditional Families (and traditional one's too!) - by Ron Huxley, LMFT

Foster Parent Responsibilities

Dealing With The Angry Child

History of Foster Care in the United States

Grieving and the Nontraditional Family - by Ron Huxley, MS, as taken from his book "Love & Limits: Achieving a Balance in Parenting".

Specialized Foster Care: One Approach to Retaining Good Foster Homes - by Janet Ward.

The Importance Of Being...Me - written by Emil Baldwin, Jr., LSW.

"Mine for a While" - a poem written by Corina DeVries, a foster mother from Wisconsin

Todd & Alison - Newspaper article about Colorado leadership foster parents raising bio and foster children.

Fostering Experience Poems - by Brenda Shaw, foster mother.

Unbonded Child - by Margot Baker, foster mother.

Our Experience As Foster Parents - by Darla E. Ellinger - Foster mom, who has adopted 9 foster children, shares her feelings on fostering.

Stress In The Foster Home - Emil Baldwin, Jr. LSW

Every Day in America Interesting statistics regarding children.


A Typical Atypical Family - a view from an adoptive mother of a interracial family.

Respect: A Two Way Street

Special Ed Service for California Jailed Youth

Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior

Increasing Attention Spans - a Presented by Psychological Treatment Services, Inc.

Preparation of Children & Adolescents for Procedures & Surgery

"It Was Just One of Those Kodak Moments" - by Emil Baldwin, Jr., LSW

Children Who Wait - by Betty and Gordon Evans

Thoughts On Foster Parent Grief - by Betty Evans

My Daddy - A must read for moms and dads!



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